As a little girl, I loved composing outfits so much, I would typically change three times a day… and a few year later, as a teenager, spend all my pocket money in clothing, earrings and fashion magazines. Yet, we could also say that it all started when, as a young adult, working as a consultant in a big serious American firm, I would regularly sneak out of the office at lunch time to shop around the most beautiful Parisian stores… Or, five years later, when I created the fashion blog “The Working Girl”, to glamour up my new life as an entrepreneur in Lisbon, where I founded and developed, with my husband and partner in crime, an Asset Management company. But actually, no, it all started later, 10 years later, when we settled back in Paris!

More precisely, in June 2019, on this exact same couch, thinking of my dream wardrobe, I ended designing a first collection! On that day, I felt that the three lives I had been living in parallel were finally reunited. A life as an entrepreneur, a life as a loving mother, as close as possible from my three kids, Amalia, Tiago and Vitoria, and finally a life as a fashion-lover, with many years of shopping, blogging and instagraming around!

By creating Rosaé Paris, I want to develop and offer, all year round, an ideal wardrobe. By ideal wardrobe, I do not simply mean the cool pieces of the moment! No, I mean the really desired pieces that are here to stay, in the best possible fabrics with perfect cuts and, cherry on the cake, as eco-responsible as possible.


Five months later, here we are! The project has implied almost a 100 different people, from sketching, to modelism, fabric selection, manufacturers hunting, prototype development, brand creation, site development, and so on! It has been a wonderful human adventure, the first chapter of a story that I am looking forward to continue writing on with the same great team and with you, girls!

Et voilà Rosaé Paris! The first collection is called “Sous le ciel de Paris”, because this is where it was born, under the skies of Paris. 

We really hope you’ll love it as much as we do.


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